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Hello and a very warm welcome!

I’m Jacqui, an accredited, experienced counsellor based near York and I’ve been running a successful private practice since qualifying in 2007. As a result of those thousands of counselling hours I understand some of the unique challenges faced by both adults and teens in this often crazy, busy world. I’m commited to providing a safe, supportive and compassionate space where you can set out on a journey of self discovery, healing and personal growth whatever your age, gender, race or sexuality.

My integrative approach to counselling draws from an eclectic range of therapeutic models tailored to meet your specific individual needs. Working from a core relational model, my key focus is to build a trusting therapeutic relationship which becomes the safe foundation for our work together. I’m keen to help you understand your relationship with yourself and with others. Whether you’re an adult navigating life’s complexities or a teen navigating the transitions and overwhelm of adolescence, my aim is to empower you with the insights, knowledge and tools to overcome obstacles, foster resilience and lead a more fulfilling life.

I often work with women and girls who feel they’re struggling to navigate difficult emotions and low self esteem. If you’re looking for help through a specific life transition, you want to feel more at ease with yourself and in your relationships or you want to cope better; if you want to change things in life that no longer work for you, make sense of painful or traumatic experiences, or just feel good about yourself and your life, then you’re in the right place. I’m happy that you’ve taken that courageous first step towards the support you deserve. Let’s connect!

I offer online, short-term and long-term counselling for adults and teens from my base in York. I also offer online clinical supervision for professionals across the UK. I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and abide by their code of ethics.


Making the decision to seek counselling is a big step but we can take the next steps together. Sit down, relax, and read more about how I can help. You are no longer alone.

My Services

Online Individual Counselling

One to one online counselling offers a confidential space to work through your difficulties with a compassionate professional at your own pace.

Counselling sessions last 50 mins and cost £70 per session.

Find out more about my one to one online counselling services here.

Online Counselling for Teens

Online counselling for teens can provide a private space to talk through your worries with a trusted adult who is not connected with your family, friends or school. Accessible using your phone, tablet or laptop from any safe, quiet space where you have privacy to talk.

Counselling sessions last 50 mins * and cost £70 per session.

*Session length may be adjusted after initial assessment to meet individual therapeutic needs.

Find out more about Online Counselling for Teens here.

Parents - find out more about Counselling for Teens here.

Online Clinical Supervision

Online supervision provides support for your clinical practice and independent confidential support for you as a professional.

Clinical supervision sessions can be arranged for 60 min or 90min blocks at a rate of £70 per hour.

Find out more about the Supervision I offer here.

I am fully insured to offer counselling and clinical supervision and am bound by UK jurisdiction.

How Can Counselling Help Me?

At some point as human beings we all have experiences that get in the way of living life to the full. These can include:

Strained or challenging relationships with family/partner/friends/colleagues.

Experiencing a traumatic incident.

Feeling ‘not good enough’ (low self esteem).

Growing up in a challenging environment without the support you needed.

Being hurt physically, sexually or emotionally by someone else.

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Experiencing loss (bereavement, redundancy, relocation, miscarriage, injury, disability or health, pet).

School or work stress.

Life transitions and change of circumstances (leaving home, marriage, divorce or separation, retirement, significant birthdays, feeling uncertain about the future).

Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled or just ‘not right’ and not knowing why.

What are the benefits of counselling?

Understand what’s getting in the way of feeling confident about yourself.

Learn what increases your self esteem and start to put this into action.

Build faith in your ability to manage life and all it throws at you.

Learn to trust in your knowledge and skills at work so that you can feel confident.

Believe in yourself as a good enough human.

Let go of that niggling doubt.

Communicate openly with your loved ones, your boss, your friends, your colleagues.

Feel positive about your life and your future.

Other issues I can help with are abuse, anxiety, bereavement, confidence, depression, gender issues, identity, loss, relationships, self esteem, self harm, sexuality, stress, suicidal feelings, transitions, trauma, work related issues, and work/life balance.

You don't have to struggle alone - contact me here.

Online Counselling for Teens

So you’re a teen wondering what all this is about…

Why do I need counselling?

Many teens find that growing up is challenging - there’s so much to deal with, from changes in your body and/or mood, school and exams, friendships and family relationships. You might also worry about fitting in, wonder who you are, what your place is in the world, or feel confused or anxious about what life is all about. It’s A LOT! It’s normal to feel overwhelmed or worried at times. You might find it hard to talk to people around you - you worry you’ll upset your parents, your friends will go off you, you’ll be a burden or you’ll get too upset and ‘not say it right’. And that’s where counselling for teens can help.

How does it help?

Talking to a qualified counsellor online gives you a private, safe space to chat about whatever’s worrying you. Often teens tell me that no-one listens to them so I’m here to really listen. I’m trained to properly listen and to help you to relax and share your worries - whether they’re big or small. Once I know what’s going on I can help you to understand your feelings and to find ways to cope better with anything that you’re struggling with. You’ll take away ideas and tools that you can use everyday to manage the ups and downs of life so that you feel more in control and generally happier. I can even help you to communicate better with those around you so that you feel properly understood more of the time.

Will you tell my parents what I share?

For you to feel safe to share with me, I know it’s important that you can talk in privacy. That means that I don’t share any content from our sessions with parents without your agreement.

However, it can be really helpful to let parents know how your counselling is going and what they can do to support you, so from time to time I might suggest we give them an update. We can do this together by inviting them to a session, I can talk to them directly or I can help you to plan how you will tell them yourself. I will only share a) with your permission and b) as much or as little as you are happy for them to know.

As your counsellor I have what’s called a ‘duty of care’ which means that if I am worried about your safety I may have to take action to ensure that you are kept safe if you’re not able to do that by yourself. I will always tell you if I am worried about your safety and we will talk through who might need to know so that you are supported between sessions. We will talk about this in detail when we meet so you can feel confident about the limits of privacy.

What kinds of things do teens talk about in counselling?




Body Image




Eating Issues






Self harm and suicidal thoughts





My Commitment To You

Compassion & Warmth

Sharing our difficulties with someone new can make us feel incredibly vulnerable. After all, who normally spills everything to a relative stranger? I have been in your shoes as the ‘client’ and still remember the wobbles as I steadily built a trusting relationship with my counsellor. I understand, and I commit to listening to your concerns with compassion, empathy and warmth and offering a non judgemental space as we work together on your chosen issues.

Client Focus

As humans we are all different and I firmly believe that our uniqueness is our strength. I commit to hold you at the centre of our work, encouraging and supporting you to identify what you need from counselling. Together we’ll work towards your chosen aims at your pace, discovering as we go your authentic, unbound self. I’ll be there when it gets tough and messy and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader ensuring that your successes don’t go unnoticed. And there will be successes, I promise.


As an accredited therapeutic counsellor with almost two decades of counselling experience you can be assured of receiving a professional service from me in line with current best practice and the BACP Ethical Framework. I offer short term brief therapy and long term therapy to suit your specific situation and needs. As part of my ongoing registration I take monthly supervision for my clinical work during which all client work is anonymised.


Even in our darkest times there can be moments of humour that can balance the heaviness of working through the tough stuff. I commit to bringing my sense of humour to our sessions with the aim of supporting you to hold your worries more lightly.


Online sessions offer you the utmost flexibility. No traffic jams or parking headaches, you can work from any quiet, private space with a good wifi connection and this can be from your phone, tablet or laptop. Sessions are available throughout the day and early evening. Even technophobes can access our private online sessions through a simple emailed link - if you’re worried about getting set up I can help so just ask!

Let's Connect!

Get In Touch today to see if I am the right counsellor for you!


Finding the right supervisor can feel like a daunting task can't it?

After all, you want to ensure that you’re putting your work, your professional development and your hard earned cash in safe hands.

So here’s a bit about me:

I qualified as an integrative supervisor with the Manchester Psychotherapy Training Institute in 2018 after practicing as a counsellor for over a decade.

Before training to become a counsellor in York, my background was in a high-pressure corporate sales environment, working with sales teams, senior management and public sector stakeholders. I bring this experience and interest into my counselling and supervision work, supporting growth through creating strong relationships based on trust and compassion.

My counselling background is culturally diverse and spans a range of sectors. I have worked in schools and universities, the NHS and for charities supporting young people and marginalised groups. Recognising the barriers to therapy for many drew me to further training in online therapy long before COVID-19 made this essential, and my passion for accessible digital access culminated in leading an award winning national online counselling service for young people. I also support volunteers as an online clinical supervisor for a high profile national charity.

My Approach to Supervision

The foundation for effective supervision, in my view, is the same as for counselling - a robust, trusting, honest relationship. I aim to create a place where you can be vulnerable and share your concerns, questions, your uncertainty and the bits you’re not so proud of. A place where you can demonstrate and share your learning, overcome challenges and celebrate the good bits. A place of compassion, warmth, encouragement and just the right amount of stretch and challenge.

I see the supervisory relationship as collaborative, and you as the expert of your own practice. I encourage your autonomy in creating the agenda for our sessions and asking for what you need both personally and professionally. I’ll provide a boundaried, ethical and supportive space for you to reflect and develop as a practitioner.

Who I Work With

I offer clinical supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists whether you’re a trainee or fully qualified. I also offer supervision for health professionals, teachers, first responders and managers seeking a supportive environment for personal and professional growth. I am happy to work individually and to facilitate group supervision on behalf of organisations. You are welcome to self-fund supervision or I can invoice your organisation directly on receipt of the relevant authorisation. I work with supervisees from a variety of theoretical modalities.

Feel free to contact me for a chat to see if we're a good fit.

About Me

In counselling we get down and dirty with the vulnerable stuff; the realities of who you truly are inside. I reckon it’s only fair that you know a bit about me. After all, I’m going to be asking you questions. A lot of questions.

So, for those of you who need to know you’ve found a legit professional…

I hold a Diploma and BSc in Therapeutic Counselling (2007), I’m a qualified Integrative Supervisor (2018) and I’m registered as an accredited counsellor with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I’m fully insured, registered with the ICO and I hold an enhanced DBS. I am also a qualified Designated Safeguarding Officer (2018).

And for those just wonderingis she my kind of human?’ …

I’m not the kind of counsellor who nods sagely and hmmms a lot - I’ll talk, we might giggle, I sometimes pull funny faces (often unintentionally). In other words, I’m a real person just like you and I hope this encourages you to be real too.

I may or may not sometimes wear a scarf. Contrary to popular belief our counsellor superpowers do not reside in our neckwear.

My daft german shepherd dog, Diesel, may attend our sessions so you might see his ears or giant snoot pop up on screen occasionally. Don’t worry, he’s in on the confidentiality clause and appropriately bribed to behave well while I’m working.

I enjoy singing, misty autumn mornings and collecting shells and stones from random beaches. I love Sherlock Holmes, zumba, wild swimming, pitch-black starry nights, Moomins, needlefelting and great coffee. Let it hereby be known that I officially hate liver and broad beans.


All sessions are online for your convenience and flexibility. I work from my office on the outskirts of York, reaching clients based in York, Wetherby, Harrogate and Leeds; however working online means I can support you wherever you’re based. You just need a safe, quiet and private space, and your phone, tablet or laptop, so you can relax and get the most from your session. Feel free to bring your cuppa, pet and anything else that helps you to feel at ease.


Counselling sessions last 50 minutes, and cost £70 per session.

I also provide a limited number of spaces for those on low-income or for students; please contact me to enquire about availability.

Clinical supervision sessions can be arranged for 60 min or 90 min blocks at a rate of £70 per hour.

Supervision can be self funded or fees can be invoiced to an employer on provision of relevant details and authorisation.

Note that if you want to cancel an appointment I require 24 hrs notice; otherwise you will still need to pay for any sessions missed before we can continue our work. I accept payment by bank transfer, payable no later than 24 hrs in advance of each session.

* Fees are reviewed annually and are updated from 1st January.

Let's connect!

So what's my next step?

You can contact me via the form on this page or you can call me on

07484 321714 to:

  • Ask any questions about counselling, supervision or about me.

  • Book a free 15-20 minute initial chat where we can talk through what you’re looking for and how I work, to see if we’re a good fit.

For counselling to be effective, research shows that getting the right match for you is the key factor, so I don’t go in for those pushy sales pitches. I’m here to help you to get a sense of how I work and what it feels like to be with me - you get to decide if that fits for you.

When calling, please leave a message with your contact details and availability. I aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours and all contact is strictly confidential, using secure phone and email services.

By submitting this form I consent to Jacqui Parkin Counselling collecting my name, email and telephone number (if supplied) for the specific purpose of contacting me. I am GDPR compliant and a copy of my Privacy Policy is available on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will everything I say be kept confidential?

Confidentiality is one of the main ways in which counselling differs from many other forms of helping – for example, talking to friends or family can rarely offer the same degree of confidentiality as talking to a counsellor. Because of this confidentiality, you will find that over time you feel more able to talk openly about whatever you wish.

No counsellor can offer total confidentiality: there are some situations where the law requires disclosure of risk such as child protection or threat of terrorism, and in common with most other therapists, there are some situations where I may not be able to keep total confidentiality. In particular, if someone tells me that they are thinking of harming themselves in a way that I believe puts them at serious risk, or if someone tells me that they are doing something that could put others at risk, I may not be able to keep such information confidential. However, breaking confidentiality is rare and we will talk through confidentiality in more detail at our first session where we will make time for any questions. You will also have a copy of our contract which summarises the limits of confidentiality.

How long will I need to have counselling?

There’s no fixed or ideal length of time for the counselling process; it varies from person to person and will often depend on the depth of the issues you’re wanting to work through. I work both short term and on an open-ended basis to suit your budget, availability and need. I recommend weekly sessions at least for the first 6 weeks so that we can build a strong relationship. After this, we can review and decide together what will work best going forwards.

You’re in the driving seat and can decide how long your therapy willl last. Some people find that after only a very few sessions they have some clarity and focus and are ready to end the therapy. Other people value the ongoing support and relationship with me and will continue to come for weeks, months, or even years. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to counselling but my aim is to make sure therapy continues for only as long as it is of benefit to you.

What happens at our first appointment?

Once we’ve agreed a date/time for our first session, I will send you a link to our online zoom appointment via email along with a copy of our contract for you to read through. The contract includes details of how to send your payment to secure the session.

When we meet you might be feeling a little nervous or even excited about getting started and I get it. I will do my best to help you to relax! We will talk through the contract so that you can ask any questions before we agree to work together.

My initial aim is to understand your situation and needs, which means asking some questions about your current circumstances and your history, and we will talk about what you’re seeking support with. Oh, and don’t worry if what you need is still a bit vague and fuzzy - together we’ll get really clear on what a good outcome looks like for you and what our next steps will be. We’re then ready to get into the thick of it so hold on to your hat!

Does counselling work?

In short, YES! Counselling isn’t about giving advice or guidance. Believe me, sometimes it would be easy to jump in with a well intentioned quick fix or claim that I know best. But you are the expert on your life, and I don’t just want to throw you a fish*, I want to teach you how to fish so that you have nourishment for life. My expertise enables me to help you to gain insight and clarity, knowledge and confidence so that you feel good about yourself and your life. The benefits from counselling don’t end with our final session either; you get to reap the rewards forever.

Your commitment is to invest in yourself. By investing your time and money in counselling, showing up and being honest with me (and with yourself) and keeping an open, curious mind. Sometimes you might want to quit (therapy can be uncomfortable at times) but I’m here to help you navigate the pain points so that you get the absolute best outcome. Because that’s what you deserve. And if you don’t believe that now, you will by the time we’re finishing up. Counselling can be truly transformational.

*No fishes will be harmed in the course of our therapy.

How do I pay you?

Payment is by bank transfer and my fees and bank details are included in the contract you will receive when you book your first full session. Payment for ongoing work is required no later than 24 hours in advance of our booking to ensure the session goes ahead. First sessions are secured on receipt of payment of the full fee.

Receipts can be provided on request.

There is no fee for introductory booked chats (15-20mins).

I’d like counselling for my teen. How does this work?

Many parents/carers reach out initially for support for their teenager when they’re worried that they’re not okay. I’m happy to have an introductory chat about what’s going on and what they might need. It’s important that your teen feels they have a say in choosing their therapist so I’m also happy to have a brief call with you both so that I can say hi and introduce myself. Some teens are apprehensive or too nervous to chat on the phone, and will be happy for a parent to organise their first session. I’d suggest asking your teen if they’d like you to be with them at the first online session or if they just want you to get them set up and leave them to it. Most often, a younger teen will prefer for us to start the first session with you present. We can make introductions, put them at ease, answer any questions and then they’re usually happy for you to leave and get on with something else. Older teens quite often take things in their stride and are happy to meet me online by themselves from the beginning.

Parents often ask about involvement. After all you’re the one paying, right? And you want to know your teen is in safe hands. Keeping parents in the loop can absolutely be a key part of the work in teen counselling. You’ll likely want to be sure they’re attending, understand what we’re working on and how it’s going. For teens, confidentiality is an important factor in opening up and building trust. So I don’t share specific details of what’s discussed in our sessions but your teen’s safety and wellbeing is central to all that we do. When there is information that it might be beneficial for you to know, I will discuss this with your teen and we will agree what they’re happy for me to share and how.

It can be damaging to the counselling relationship if your teen doesn’t feel they have any control about what’s shared and sharing too much can mean that they no longer feel it’s safe to talk. Be assured, I will always take appropriate steps to keep your teen safe if there is imminent risk of harm.

When are your sessions?

Appointments are available during the day and early evening Monday through Friday. I try to be as flexible as possible to meet your schedule so don’t worry if you work shifts or your availability isn’t the same each week. If you prefer the certainty of a regular time slot that’s possible too.

For teens:

After school sessions are in high demand so many of my teen clients choose to miss a lunch break or a single class each week to come to therapy. Some start school a bit later or finish early to attend, and some choose a different class each week to minimise disruption. We can make a plan together, and I can provide proof of attendance for school if you need that - just the same as you might do for an appointment at the doctor or dentist.

What else do I need to know about counselling?

We often come for counselling when something in our lives feels challenging or overwhelming. We might have delayed getting support thinking things would improve. I won’t lie, counselling can feel tough at times when you’re getting real about the difficulties you’re facing. I get it. I’m here to share the tough moments so you’re not navigating them alone anymore. We take things at your pace and I’ll pay careful attention to what feels manageable for you. Some people worry about getting upset or angry, and I want to reassure you that your emotions are natural and part of being human - and I can handle them. If you worry that you don’t show emotions, that’s fine too. We’re all different, and I’m here to tune in to your unique way of being in the world.

I encourage you to think about what you want to explore, understand or change, how you will make space for your sessions and for taking care of yourself in between, and whether now is a good time for this process. Everyone deserves to live a good life, and counselling can help you to create the type of life that makes it worth getting up in the morning for.

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